Take control of your online safety with Protection Score

Monitor the health of your online protection to improve your security and stay safe online. Included in McAfee Total Protection plans.

Here’s an example of how Protection Score works

Step 1: Check your Protection Score to see how safe you are online.

Step 2: We’ll alert you if we find your information in a data breach, so you can take immediate action.

Step 3: We assist you in resolving the breach. Once resolved, your Protection Score goes up.

What is Protection Score?

Protection Score checks the health of your online protection and provides simple steps to improve your security. Knowing how safe you are is the first step toward a safer life online.


See how safe you are online

A quick assessment checks the strength of your online protection.

Fix security weak spots

Simple instructions make it easy to set up and fix gaps to improve your online security

Improve your security

Personalized feedback helps you maintain healthy online protection.

Where can I find my Protection Score?

Protection Score is included with McAfee Total Protection. You can access your score in the McAfee Protection Center.

What affects my Protection Score?

Activating McAfee protection on other devices will increase your score.

Running an antivirus scan will increase your score.

Scanning Wi-Fi for threats and activating VPN will increase your score.

Installing web protection to your preferred browser will increase your score.

Adding personal identifiable information (PII) to your identity monitoring will increase your score.

If your email is found in a data breach, your score will go down

If your government ID or any financial info is found on the dark web, your score might drop more than an email or phone number.

When you resolve any identity breaches we find, your score will go back up.


These answers might help.

My protections core is 1,000. Does it mean that I am perfectly safe?

No, an excellent score does not guarantee total safety. No connected life can be totally secure, but an excellent score does show you’re doing a good job of preventing and handling risks. There are many ways hackers can get their hands on your personal info so you’ll still need to practice good digital hygiene to make sure you stay protected from threats.

What impacts my protection score?

Setting up your McAfee Protection, following safety recommendations, and addressing your alerts are all factors that impact your score. If your personal info was exposed in a data breach, your score may drop, but you can improve it by taking steps to regain control of your identity. We’ll show you how to protect yourself after a breach and help you get your score back up.

What are the score ranges?

The score ranges from 0 – 1000. A score over 700 is considered very good, while any score above 850 is considered excellent.


0-399 Low

400-599 Fair

600-699 Good

700-849 Very good

850-1000 Excellent